Calcium Chloride

Midwest Freeze-Free® C-32 Liquid Calcium Chloride 32%

55-Gallon Drum Midwest Industrial Supply

Calcium Chloride

Midwest Freeze-Free® C-32 Liquid Calcium Chloride 32%

Liquid Calcium Chloride available in 55-Gallon Drums or 275-Gallon Totes

Save money and order by the 55-gallon drum or 275-gallon tote of Midwest’s pure liquid calcium chloride formulation for effective, efficient snow and ice control:

  • Used on walks and drives to eliminate snow
  • Melts snow and ice faster and at lower temperature than typical road salt
  • Covers 55,000 square feet
  • Buying calcium chloride bulk (55 or 275 gallons) saves money for professional use
  • Ready to use: The pure formula does not need to be diluted
  • Easily transferred from drum for use with common pump
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in the USA

Drum $145.00; Tote $566.50


Full tanker trailer orders of C32 (up to ~4,500 gallons) are available to parts of IN, KY, NY, OH, PA, and WV. Click here to submit information for a bulk order

When things start to freeze, you need to turn on the heat!

Midwest’s liquid calcium chloride 32% formulation treats AND helps stop ice and snow from forming.

Rock salt is not good enough. Did you know that rock salt takes a full 19 minutes to embed in ice and hard-packed snow once it hits 25˚F? And that’s not even all that cold. When it comes to safety in winter weather on your property, you don’t have the luxury of a 19-minute delay, nor the personnel to be running around to all the walkways in that kind of situation.

Instead, you need Midwest Freeze-Free® C32 Liquid Calcium Chloride.

Calcium Chloride 32% is chosen by snow removal professionals as the fastest acting ice melt product available. Used as a deicer to treat ice and snow, it is effective to temperatures as low as -25˚F. Used as an anti-iced, FFC-32 can PREVENT 1" to 2" of ice and snow before they can accumulate on pavement. Plus, it’s the most affordable way to effectively treat surfaces with two money-saving calcium chloride bulk size choices.

Feelin’ hot-hot-HOT!

Use this heat for an ice-destroying exothermic reaction.

Whether proactively preventing the formation of ice and snow or attacking an already-formed problem, heat the surface with Midwest Freeze-Free® C32 Liquid Calcium Chloride 32%, an exothermic liquid. An exothermic process releases energy from the system to its surroundings (“exo” meaning “outside”), in this case in the form of heat.

Put simply, Freeze-Free C32 generates heat to melt ice with pure liquid calcium chloride (CaCl2).

Midwest Calcium Chloride 32% works (and it’s a great price)!

To control snow and ice, it’s all about the perfect combination of wetted salt with Midwest’s pure liquid calcium chloride. As mentioned earlier, at 25˚F and below, ordinary rock salt takes 19 minutes to embed in ice and hard-packed snow. However, when wetted with Midwest Freeze-Free® C32 Liquid Calcium Chloride 32%, that same rock salt immediately goes to work, even down to 0˚F. With this combination, you can save up to 40% of material by eliminating frequent reapplications. Plus, you can save money buying calcium chloride bulk.

The combination works because of complementary properties. Midwest Freeze-Free® C32 Liquid Calcium Chloride 32% generates heat through its exothermic reaction, while rock salt uses that heat; the pure liquid calcium chloride formulation attracts moisture through a hygroscopic reaction, while the rock salt uses that moisture to work; the Midwest product also produces a brine that’s put to work by the salt to start melting ice and snow. The faster an ice-melter can dissolve and form a brine solution, the faster it will melt ice. Calcium Chloride 32% forms brine rapidly, to lower the freezing point of water to melts snow and ice quickly.

While most other deicing agents depend on their surroundings for heat, liquid calcium chloride actually generates heat as it dissolves to form ice melting brine. A pound of calcium chloride 32% can raise the temperature of a gallon of water by over 30°F.

Either 1) spray before a storm for anti-icing purposes, or 2) during/after a storm for deicing.

Freeze-Free is free of environmental issues

Midwest always formulates products with the environment in mind, serving as dedicated stewards of our planet and its resources.

Environmentally safe
Non-toxic, water soluble and biodegradable
Safe for humans, pets and plants
It’s actually 32% food grade, used as an electrolyte in sports drinks
Won’t damage surfaces
Virtually non-corrosive and non-staining; doesn’t cause wood cracking or concrete crumbling like salt

Safer than salt. Just ask the next Carthaginian you see.

Freeze-Free® C32 Liquid Calcium Chloride 32% is as safe as it is effective. Midwest’s pure liquid calcium chloride formulation works down to extremely low temperatures and doesn’t cause the type of harm to surfaces and vegetation commonly associated with rock salt. In addition, if you have a dirt road or driveway, spraying it with a solution of calcium chloride 32%can keep it from eroding.

Compare that to rock salt (also known as table salt or halite), which is produced by either digging in mines or evaporating sea water. According to legend, rock salt was the way Rome finally destroyed the ancient Phoenician city state of Carthage. Though not definitively proven, the story goes that the Romans sprinkled enough rock salt on the ground to make sure Carthage would never have agriculture again — which means you should watch its use around lawns, plants and landscaping.

Other deicers simply are not as effective and carry some significant negative impacts. The difference with Midwest’s pure calcium chloride formulation is dramatic, melting up to 8 times as much ice as salt.

For instance, sand and abrasives may give a little more traction, but do nothing to get at the core issue, because they cannot melt ice or snow. Sodium chloride (rock salt) melts less ice more slowly, and a lot of the product (as much as 30%) can go to waste by bouncing and scattering off the road. Plus it’s an environmental problem. Some people mix these two inferior methods, which actually does worse at melting than sticking with rock salt by itself.

Start your Midwest Freeze-Free® C32 Liquid Calcium Chloride 32% program and safely protect from ice and snow while you save money with calcium chloride bulk.

Save money with 55-gallon drums or 275-gallon totes of Midwest Freeze-Free® C32 Liquid Calcium Chloride 32%. As one review put it: “By far the best ice melt I’ve used yet.”